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Stay in your moment, stay in your health. Self, Balance, Higher Power, Fun

Addiction gambling treatment and mentoring others with addiction is not 'one size fits all' - the key to success is finding what works for you.  1:1, personalized sessions is what we provide.  Individual attention and accountability leads to empowerment and success. Addiction education with the family support system brings balance back to the family. Addiction Services works with the entire family if applicable.  Many of our clients have tried more traditional, mainstream treatment modalities without sustained success. Our individualized addiction education family approach has helped struggling people and their families when other modalities have not been beneficial.

We know treatment isn't 'one size fits all" - so what makes Addiction Services unique?

  • Prompt response to calls/inquiries
  • 1:1 addiction education sessions
  • Individual and Family interventions
  • Family/support system involvement that is flexible and meets your needs
  • Mentoring high school and college students with or without addiction issues
  • Regular fitness sessions to promote health if interested
  • Daily check-ins
  • Phone support between sessions
  • Skype sessions are available (Domestic and International)
  • Flexible scheduling allowing for continued employment and other activities
  • Location, location, location - we come to you
  • We don't spend money on advertising - instead we put money towards scholarships so that we can help more people

All services are completely confidential - insurance is not billed, employers are not notified - you can get the help you need with the privacy you need to continue living your life.  Sessions happen where you are most comfortable - your home, coffee shop, park, on a lake, a walk, bike ride, yoga class - your education treatment plan is customized for you.  1:1 sessions, tailored to meet your needs, you pick the location!


Tod R. Hecht,
Addiction Services, LLC
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612-356-6226 24-hour confidential crisis referral
763-710-4574 fax
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About Tod - Tod offers education to his clients, pulling from his own experience and journey from being a once prominent stock broker, a professional athlete, a gambling addict, to being a helper who serves clients with gambling disorders.  Tod delivers real life experiences to his clients.  He accepts referrals from a variety of sources including self-referrals, community providers (physicians, psychologists, social workers, case managers etc.), or other concerned individuals. 

What you can expect from Addiction Services
Personalized education treatment plans including daily check-ins, phone support, family/support system sessions, journaling, exercise.  Our model focuses on 4 key components - Self, Balance, Higher Power, Fun.  The model emphasizes not making things bigger, staying in the moment, making healthy choices,controlling your thoughts - all to help you stay in your health.

From Tod R. Hecht
"Life is short. Take time to like and love yourself. We can't change our past, and we do not know what will happen in the future. But, we can control our thoughts, right now, in this moment, this very second. Give yourself credit, do not be too hard on yourself. Stay in your health, stay in the moment!"

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