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 Type of service     Length  Cost
Individual 1:1 sessions  60 minutes  $90.00
Ongoing Treatment Plans  60 minutes  $90.00
Group Lecture / Outreach Meetings TC
Metro Area

Clinical Groups
 45-60 minutes

**see below**
Group Lecture / Outreach Meetings outside TC metro area in MN

Clinical Groups
 45-60 minutes  

**see below**
Group Lectures / Outreach Meetings outside of MN**  45-60 minutes  **see below**
Initial Intervention Meeting 2 hours $300.00 in state (MN)
$1000.00 out of state
Online individual sessions (via Skype)  60 minutes  $90.00
 EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Services Individual rates apply, group rates vary based on size of group and location.  Please contact us for details
Intensive Crisis Family Interventions  2-days at your residence (see details to the right)  $2000.00 + travel expenses - aftercare services for add'l cost
*Rates for additional family sessions or telephone sessions outside the treatment plan agreement are negotiated on a case by case basis.
**Fees to be discussed further upon contact as they may vary depending on size of group, length of service, or location if outside MN.
***Sliding Fee Scale and scholarships are available to those that qualify.
****For travel over 30 miles, additional fuel charge applies
*****Emergency sessions will incur additional costs

Addiction Services, LLC graciously accepts donations towards their scholarship fund, helping those who can not otherwise afford care.  Please contact us for further information about this tax-deductible opportunity.  In 2013 we provided over $30,000 in scholarships for clients - your generousity make this possible!


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Additional Information

There is no cost for an initial phone consultation to determine if Tod's treatment model will work for you.  Addiction Services, LLC doesn't accept insurance and rates for services are outlined in the adjacent table.  Online payment option coming soon.

Tod provides 1:1 individual sessions, group sessions, and speaking engagements.  Family interventions and sessions are also available by contacting Tod for details and rates. Skype sessions available by arrangement when mutually agreeable. Skype provides a unique opportunity that improves access to services and also the convenience/confidentiality of receiving help without leaving your home.

Additional Services

EAP - Employee Assistance Programs

Gambling Addiction in the workplace is a significant problem, leading to loss of productivity, missed days, and overall poor health.  Group sessions are available for general education for employees about addiction and can be tailored to meet specific needs.  Individual and group sessions for those struggling with addictions are also available.  Please contact Tod for further details.

High School and College Student Services
Tod recognizes that high school and college are a time of great transition, which can lead to increased stress and unhealthy choices.  Whether it be gambling, binge drinking, an eating disorder, or something in between, Tod can help.  For those students who find themselves struggling with balance and staying in their health, Tod can provide addiction education to help them stay focused on life goals and their future.  Academic support through healthy balance - our mentoring can help with study habits and academic success. As a former college/professional athlete, and one familiar with the 'college scene', he can provide a unique perspective and approach with this population. Tod will come to you and provide the education you need along with assisting with college visits with you and your family.

Services for those Incarcerated

Tod has experience working within the prison system and is happy to discuss his model for working with this population.  Please contact Tod if you are interested in learning more.

Mentoring / Life Skills Training

For many struggling with addiction, the basics of navigating life get lost when clients are not in their health.  Tod can help guide clients as part of their treatment plan through obstacles and help get life back on track.

Thanks for your interest - we look forward to hearing from you!!!

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