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Crisis Intervention / Intensive Family Addiction Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention
When a crisis arises it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn for help.  Addiction Services is just a phone call away!  Phone consultation is always free, and Tod can help you navigate this stressful time.  During this initial conversation, Tod can help you identify the immediate needs and start working towards an addiction education plan.  Crisis intervention can occur in a session with the client and their family/primary support system with an initial 2-hour session, or in a more intensive 2-day in home family education intervention.  Addiction Services strives to provide individualized addiction education treatment plans - we figure out what works for you, and make it work!

Need help?  Call our 24-hour confidential crisis referral line 612-356-6226 to start the process.

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Intensive Crisis In-Home Family Interventions

Addiction Services is now offering intensive crisis in-home family interventions - this service includes addiciton education for the addict and family/primary support system. Addiction Services will come to your residence on a weekend, and deliver services for you and your family for a 2-day educational family intervention. Each day will consist of group time,1:1 time, family and addict support. Four hours minium each day (up to 8 hours) depending on the situation and support needed. Journaling, physical activity, recognizing negative/positive thoughts, identifying unmet needs and triggers that have contributed to addiction, making healthier choices, and setting healthy boundaries are all part of the approach Tod takes with those struggling with addiction and their loved ones. All involved learn to let the negative thoughts go, and to not make things bigger in their minds. He has had great success with clients whom have tried with varying degrees of success more traditional group models of treatment and are in need of a different approach.

Cost for the 2-day intensive crisis family intervention is $2000.00, not inclusive of travel costs for Tod (round-trip airfare from MSP or mileage if driveable, 1 night hotel stay, and transportation to and from airport/hotel/residence). Additional aftercare services include weekly Skype sessions to monitor progress, phone support, and in person follow-up visits at your residence at 90 days - costs to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Tod appreciates how important involving family/primary support systems is to the success of those struggling with addiction. His unique model of bringing the educational services to the addict has the benefit of being highly personalized and 100% completely confidential. Many addicts and their families spend thousands of dollars on treatment services that are not effective for the individual - treatment is not 'one size fits all' - the right treatment at the right time in the right place for a particular addict is what works. Individualized treatment plans and personal accountability are successful tools.



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