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How We Work

How We Work

Tod offers unique education sessions that can occur wherever suits your needs - be it in the middle of a lake, a walk in the woods, a bike ride, the office, your home, over a cup of hot chocolate - wherever you are most comfortable.  Tod will come to you and provide the educational experience that meets your needs.  Because of this unique and flexible approach, you can work on recovery in a completely confidential manner while maintaining your employment and other activities.  Sessions via skype are also available when mutually agreeable. Skype provides an oppportunity for services to reach those who don't have access otherwise, or need the convenience / confidentiality that online sessions provide.  To date, Tod has provided individual addiction education services to clients in 36 states and over 40 countries!

What does completely confidential mean?  It means that no one knows about you seeking help, other than your identified support system - nothing is billed through your insurance company, nothing ends up in your regular medical record, no one at your place of employment has any record of you seeking help.  This type of complete confidentiality is part of what makes this model work for a variety of people, including professionals and those in high-profile positions. 


Physical activity is an important part of the program.  Walking, biking, canoeing, hiking, racquetball, tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, yoga are just some of the many activities that Tod has enjoyed with clients.  Journaling and other homework helps clients control their thoughts.  Phone support between sessions helps clients and families stay connected to the program. 
The individual relationship piece of Tod's approach has resulted in a 60% success rate with clients staying clean on average in recent years.  The 1:1 connection and the individualized program is the approach that makes the difference for many clients and something that they haven't been able to find elsewhere.


Populations Served and Treatment Education Model

Tod has extensive experience with all populations - Native American, Somalian, African American, Hmong, Latin American, GLBTQ, professionals, adolescents, seniors, entertainers, and those with legal issues.  Tod delivers personally catered treatment goals and addiction education to each one of his clients; there is no 'cookie cutter' approach because he identifies and recognizes that each person has individual needs and the 1:1 sessions cater to the individual client. 

His approach is unique in that clients who are not able to get their needs met in other treatment settings, can thrive with the 1:1 accountability and individual attention Tod's approach provides.  He collaborates with community professionals, involves client's primary support systems, and assists in transitioning clients into other forms of treatment as appropriate.

If you are struggling with an addiction and need someone to talk to, please contact Tod directly by phone or email.   You are not alone, and together we can use addiction education to get you back in the moment and in your health!  Initial phone consultations are free!

We serve a very diverse client base - whatever your backgroud, skin color, culture, belief system, sexual orientation, addiction, education, profession - we will work together to personalize your treatment education plan.



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