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"I referred a very complex and challenging client to Tod - one who struggled with severe addiction that impacted all aspects of his life.  After many attempts at treatment, the client has flourished while working with Tod and for the first time is on his way to recovery.  The difference was the personal 1:1 connection - Tod's greatest strength is his ability to connect with people."

- Christine Stanson, MD Psychiatrist

"When I met Tod I was in a hospital with an IV.  When Tod came walking in, he smiled, came over to me, and said 'today is a new day, and we are starting a journey'. This journey has me back on my feet, working, exercising, and eating in a healthy way. I learned how to accept my body, and myself. My parents believe that God found Tod for me. I believe that too. Staying in my health, working my steps, and letting the past go. I'm so grateful for people like Tod. He really cares."

- Client Caitlin from Brainerd

"Tod is fueled by an inner passion to assist people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. He believes strongly in the concept that people can create the life that will bring them happiness and joy. Tod's positive energy and genuine compassion for his clients sets the stage for wonderful outcomes."

- Jim Keenan, MS, LP, Clinical Director of POR

"The first time I met Tod, I thought he was so real.  Never had that feeling with any other therapist or someone my mom made me go see.  I wanted to give up, end my life - I cried, yelled, and screamed!  Tod cared - he cares so much about helping others.  My eating disorder is under control for the first time.  It feels great to eat and not be sick or make myself sick all the time when I get mad.  Going to yoga class with Tod was funny!  He made me laugh and taught me how to be in control of my thoughts, even while doing yoga.  I'm working on my higher power every day!"

- Client Amanda from Minnetonka

"Tod came to our family when we were in a desperate and dysfunctional place all the way around. We had come to a breaking point when our middle child started cutting and we realized it was a severe cry for help. She was very against any type of therapy, however she agreed to give Tod a chance - she had a very rebellious attitude and was negative with other therapists so my hopes were slim. Within the first few sessions, Tod was able to get her back in a routine of thinking positive and implementing things that she was always adverse to. She stopped cutting, she was able to develop trust with him and he was able to guide her into learning to make healthy, positive decisions with her peers and with her family. She is now performing the best she ever has educationally. I can honestly say he was the answer I had prayed for - I truly believe we were that close to losing her. I've not encountered a mental health professional who gives so much of himself for every single client, and I believe his approach to wellness is the best that one can engage in. I am so grateful that I took that deep breath, closed my eyes, let go and let him do his thing"

- Mom of current client
"I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with my addiction, went to a 3 month program, used the day I got out. Found Tod on his website. I'm feeling better about myself, and learning not to beat myself up over the past. Balance is key for me. The energy I get from talking with Tod is so powerful. I'm finding my faith again, higher power."
- Skype Client

 " I've been to treatment several times, and it did not work.  I got Tod's contact info from a friend who went to his groups. Tod is understanding, and he never judges, only tries to support and teach. My life is better now, learning how to like myself again, and trust myself."

 - Client Amanda from Edina

" I wanted 100% privacy, no treatment center, no H.R. department knowing, I need confidentiality. I get this education in Tod. I feel lucky to have met him. I have been clean for 6 months now - I enjoy the exercise with Tod, keeps me in the moment!"

- Client Michael from Woodbury

" Control is back for me. No more lying. No more avoiding. I'm accomplishing my goal's and working on my interpersonal relationships for the first time in a long time. 15 months clean and staying in my health!"

- Client Dan from New Brighton

"I don't miss the chase one bit!  Working with Tod has given me inner strength and positive energy!  My choice to overreact and take risks is in my past.  I feel in control of my finances for the first time in my life!  I know I can gamble, but I choose not to.  Thank you for teaching me how to let things go Tod!"

- Client Walter from Southern MN

"As the family member of someone who struggles with addiction, I felt helpless to get my loved one on a better track. Tod worked with our whole family through individual and group sessions to help us focus on healthy, positive change and allowed us to all heal together. Forever grateful."

- Family participant

Tod's ability to understand and relate to me was crucial. Going on 26 months of sober fun."

- Client from St. Paul

"I've bee in all the groups and to some of the top therapists. That did not work for me. Tod kept it real for me, and I'm still clean. 3 years and loving life."

- Client from Rogers

"Tod came into our home and opened our eyes. The family was a disaster, all of us were living a lie. Life is diffferent now, but that is fine. We are all working on ourselves, and we are happy. I am not am addict - married one, then divorced. I jouranal every day, and read Tod's page every day. It is my helathy routine - for me and only me. I like being in the moment. My ex-husband is clean now, thanks to Tod and all the work he does. Now we raise our daughters as healthy parents. Tod, we are truely blessed to have you come into our lives. God bless."

- Former wife of client from Tallahassee

A Message From Tod R. Hecht -

"I have a passion for helping others, and I want to help you regain the balance in your life and learn to like and love yourself again.  I work with you completely confidentially, so you can get the help you need while maintaining privacy in the rest of your life.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction, help is here."

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